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- Sound Bowl Healing

Sound Bowl Healing

Process Booklets

Courses - On-line and In Person

- Eight-week Course to get things done, step-by-step.
- Manage Time and Change Habits.

Process Booklets

- Pen to Paper designed to transform your life through simple journal
- Popular Moon Astrology Journal

Sound Bowl Healing

Sound Bowl Healing, A Tibetan Bowl Massage is a form of sound therapy that uses metal bowls to produce soothing vibrations and tones. The bowls are placed on or around the body and struck or rubbed with a mallet. This is said to promote relaxation, healing, and well-being.

Meet Donica

Donica is a Thought Leader for grounding transformation. She believes in a step-by-step approach to make progress and effortlessly get from Here to There, in every area of your life. 

Donica also has a strong background in Business Analytics and holds Coaching Certifications in Dyad Work, Warrior Sage, Landmark Education, EFT, Body Electric New Zealand, and learned from New Zealand Mori and Australian Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers.

What Our Clients Say

Coaching and powerful life transformation.

“Not only did I get professional coaching through my divorce, I got accountability support for each process involved in thedivorce. Donica provided Mindset Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, and Life Strategies that helped me move forward. I have created an awesome life, so thankful for Donica’s coaching.”

Jessica Benneti

Marketing Manager

“Donica’s ability to break down projects into a smallstep-by-step process has transformed my life. I am now building a whole newlife, through the transformation and personal development coaching with Donica.


Project Manager