September 7, 2023

De-Clutter Ideas

Discover how decluttering your mind, heart, and home can have a unique impact on your joy.

De-Clutter Ideas

1. Take Everything Out

Don't skip this step. Using the example of cooking utensils, empty that drawer or canister completely. Wipe it clean when you have the chance.

2. Select Your Favorites

Start with what you use, what you like, and what supports you now. Don't get wrapped up in what used to work, or what might help in the future. What "sparks joy"? Set those items aside.

3. Express Gratitude For What Doesn't Make the Cut

If you have six wooden spoons and only choose three, keep those three and take a mindful moment of thanks for the others, setting them aside for donation.

4. Store, Keeping Easy Access in Mind

Store like with like, returning the items you keep and displaying them in a way that makes them easy to access.